New video on youtube

This song was remixed/remastered and also got a video with a happy summer feeling, I hope you will enjoy it :)  

Click here:


Two videos with Claudiess

Recently I recorded two videos with the Italian singer, Claudiess. The first one is a Medley from September, 2019.

The second one is fresh acoustic cover of the Queen - Don't Stop Me Now.

My upcoming gigs in September

Come and enjoy the music:
- 1st of Sept. (14.30 pm): I am a deputy in the Hot Plate Duo with Declan Murray - The Tram Café, Dublin
- 8th of Sept. (14.30 pm): COOL BLUE Duo with Lee Meehan - The Tram Café, Dublin
- 22nd of Sept. (14.30 pm): POST MODERN Duo with Selene Cloe - The Tram Café, Dublin
- 29th of Sept. (14.30 pm): POST MODERN Duo with Selene Cloe - The Tram Café, Dublin

Gigs in different styles in July

In July I play

- with the Vintage Vibes Band (on the picture) on the 13th Saturday in Tullamore. This is my second show with them, playing a lot of very nice songs, from Bruno Mars to AC/DC, and even one Queen song as well,

- and I play jazz in duo with Peter Booth on the 28th, Sunday afternoon at Tram Café, perfoming among others Frank Sinatra and Michael Buble songs.   

My upcoming gigs in June

- 5th of June: BOYE & COLOURS AFROBEAT - Arthur's Blues & Jazz Club, Dublin
- 9th of June (14.30 pm): DUO with DECLAN MURRAY - The Tram Café, Dublin
- 28th of June: BOYE & COLOURS AFROBEAT - Odd Mollies, Drogheda
- 30th of June (14.30 pm): LIZ & KORNEL - The Tram Café, Dublin


LIZ & KORNEL songs on youtube

Recently we recorded two cover songs with Liz Barker in duo. The original performers are Nina Simone and Norah Jones.  

Please you can find the youtube links here:

Playing in duo at The Bleeding Horse

We will play in duo with Liz Barker singer this Sunday (13/01/19) from about 9 pm at The Bleeding Horse, Dublin. Come and listen to us.

Moving to Dublin

At the end of 2018 I moved to Dublin, Ireland. I would like to play the guitar as much as possible :)

Three new youtube videos with wonderful photos.

One of my friends, Máté Magyari made a photo montage for three songs from our Keep Playing album. The - often artistic - images suit well to the music that can be more complex and visually appealing.